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2017 Pagani Huayra Roadster For Sale

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Recently, we had an opportunity to experience this Pagani Huayra Roadster in person. When you tell someone it is a roadster version of Mr. Pagani’s masterpiece, it provokes a few different reactions. First, only a trained eye will see where the top separates from the cockpit. Others have bad memories of convertibles with cowl-shake and rough suspension. What if we told you a secret: Pagani builds such a solid car that it needs no roof!

Let your Carbonaium shine!

The genius is in the very molecules of the body panels. You might think you are looking at carbon fiber. As Lamborghini’s Chief Engineer, Horacio Pagani was inspired to build the world’s best supercar. But Lamborghini was bought by Chrysler which wanted nothing to do with the future of composites. It was 1990, and he had been working there since he was 17, it was time for a change. Pagani left his only career and changed the world. He invented and patented a way to weave titanium thread into carbon matte before it is infused with his secret resin. The result is ‘Carbotanium’ this super-composite makes up the one-piece Monocoque chassis & body of the Huayra.

What does this mean to a prospective owner? The Huayra Roadster’s chassis is stronger than a Semi Truck. Since it is so rigid it allows the suspension to be relaxed, and even quite comfortable. Idling behind you is a beast in every sense. AMG supplies a 6.0-liter V12 that is built to Pagani’s specifications. Even though it isn’t needed, the engine block acts as a tuned part of the suspension. This allows the unsprung weight to be incredibly low compared to anything else on the road. Another factor in making this car such a smooth ride. In fact, the curb weight of 2,820 lbs is less than every other V12 car in production.

A slight tap of the accelerator allows for 764 horsepower and 740 lb-ft of torque to send accelerate with a better power-to-weight ratio than an F-18 fighter. Thanks to Pagani Newport Beach for allowing us to experience it in person. If you own a Zonda or a Huayra coupe, consider yourself fortunate because of their rarity. The factory has capped production of the Roadster at only 100 cars. It is not because of a lack of materials or because of any corporate agreements. It is because each example is built by artisans who are not in a hurry. Only a handful have been allotted for the USA, so this opportunity won’t likely appear again. If you want to drive something that will change your perceptions of performance, click the link below and stay with us for more pristine Paganis.

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