Switzer-Powered Nissan GT-R Breaks World Record (Video)

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The Nissan GT-R, once dubbed Godzilla by the Australian magazine Wheels, seems to have been touched by radioactivity once again. The monstrous supercar was sent through Switzer Goliath’s tuning shop and transformed into something new. The team seems to have aimed to make the most powerful, fastest GT-R yet, without compromising any stock comfort qualities.

Godzilla blasts off the starting line with a loud bang, and roars down the track with 1,700 hp pulling it along. The driver reaches 168 mph in 9.880 seconds in just 660 feet, then finishes the mile at 250 mph in 22.602 seconds. This was not only an accomplishment for Switzer, but also a world record for the GT-R. It’s hard to believe that the vehicle was powered by a twin-turbo V6; it becomes more clear every year that there is no limit to the Japanese terror.