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Switzer 2000 HP “BIG PAPA” Nissan GT-R

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Did you think that the Smurfs didn’t have a sweet ride to cruise around in? Man, with Gargamel creepin’ around the village, they have to have a getaway car and a fast one at that.

So, what would be better than a 2,000hp Nissan GT-R tuned by Switzer Performance that goes by the name “Big Papa”? This Smurf blue Godzilla was commissioned by Peyo “Papa” Smurf. The insane amount of horsepower comes in part from a set of radical, specially-designed tubochargers that deliver more air without compromising any efficiency. These magic turbos push compressed air through wider-diameter tubing into specially CNC-machined heads. In these heads is where the magic happens. Once the charged air hits the heads, its mixed with nitromethane. Did I just say nitromethane? When this toxic fuel is carefully used in the heart of an engine like the GT-R, it can result in the output of ridiculous amounts of power.

[quote align=”left” color=”#000000″]I want to Smurf my GTR the way I Smurf my Smurfs: Wide Smurfin’ Open![/quote]

All joking aside, this car is actually very real and the owner does go by Papa Smurf. It will be debuted at an undisclosed track event later this year, just as long as Switzer can make sure this insanely powerful engine doesn’t turn the GT-R’s gears into mush.

“Launching these GTRs has always been an issue,” said Papa Smurf. “At this point, I’m thinking we should just say ‘Smurf it.’ and put a Jerico trans. in it with a Ford 9 inch behind that. The GTR guys would lose their Smurf, but Smurf them, eh? I want to Smurf my GTR the way I Smurf my Smurfs: Wide Smurfin’ Open!”


(Source: Switzer)