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Racing Nissan GT-R Video Gives 360° View of Le Mans

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“One day the internet will be three dimensional.”

We’ve been hearing this for years. With Facebook set to launch the Oculus Rift early next year, 3-D videos will hopefully gain traction with race teams. It looks like Nissan is one of the first, with a wild 360° ride around Le Mans (no funny glasses required).

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In a video uploaded to their Nismo TV YouTube page today, they chose two 2015 Nissan GT-Rs to show off a new type of video. For Chrome fans only, you are able to pan and tilt your point of view using the d-pad in the upper left corner. Watch as a GT-R battle against its NISMO sibling in weather that’s less than ideal for racing. All-wheel-drive and 360 degrees of action make this one of the most incredible videos we have seen lately.

(Source: YouTube)

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