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Paralyzed Drifter Tapes Foot to Pedal and Shocks the Crowd

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Those who love cars and love driving them will do anything they can to get themselves the wheel of exciting cars. For Rob, a.k.a. Chairslayer, of Hoonigans, it was a 500 horsepower R32 Skyline that he just had to drive. The only issue is that he’s paralyzed, hence the name. However, even that didn’t stop him. With some duct tape and epic drifting skills, he made it happen.

In the Unprofessionals’ latest video, they show just what it took to give Rob the ability to get sideways in this monster Skyline. The taping starts at 11:00 into the video below, while the drifting starts at around 15:30. Needless to say, Rob absolutely killed it on the track, even if he couldn’t use the clutch. Kudos to him for making it happen!