Nissan Juke R Lands on U.S. Soil

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Our photographer friend, Tanner Mashburn, was lucky enough to shoot the Nissan Juke R when it made its U.S. debut at the Nashville Superspeedway. While we may not have a Juke R review just yet, we do have amazing Juke R pics and a great story. Here is how the event went down according to TMash himself:

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It is those unexpected phone calls that usually mean the biggest news. This shoot started off with one of those as well. Nissan PR contacted me about month ago telling me a very special visitor would be making a special appearance at my local Cars and Coffee and asked if I could shoot some promotional stuff to get the message out. When I asked what the car was a simple answer was given, “a Juke R”. You try to stay as calm as you can and be professional but sometimes it is hard to hold your excitement in, especially when it involves a $600,000 car that has never touched US soil.

[quote align=”left” color=”#000000]”…Especially when it involves a $600,000 car…”[/quote]

Then another realization comes to mind that you will be one of just a handful of photographers to shoot the car and the first to do a full shoot of it in the US. I had to keep this shoot a secret though for several weeks but the day finally came. When I got to the location (Nashville Superspeedway) I talked with the Nissan PR guy I had recently chatted with and we discussed possible shoots. There were other tv media and magazine writers that were on the way so time was VERY limited. The car arrived and I got some shots of it in the garage while the team cleaned it and filled it with gas. Then we put the car on the track and got some great shots near the start finish line. Then it was taken down to pit lane so the car was on a flat piece of pavement. With these two locations and the garage shots I had a solid set of photos. Then the car did some hot laps on the track, allowing me to get some great shots of it in action. Although the shoot did not last very long I was able to get a good amount of shots and spend a whole morning with the Juke R. Days like that only come once in a lifetime!

Photos and article by: TMash Photos

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