Nissan Introduces Nismo Smart Watch

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Nissan unveiled the Nismo Watch at the Frankfurt Motor Show, a smart watch that tracks your Nissan vehicle’s real-time data. It can detect your car’s top speed, average speed and even fuel consumption. However, the Nismo Watch doesn’t stop at just tracking your car’s performance; it also has a heartbeat sensor.

Nissan would also like to improve the biometric data harvesting capabilities even more by giving the watch the ability to track EED brainwaves. Tracking these brainwaves would assist with  monitoring the driver’s concentration, body temperature and more. Nissan also included obligatory social media apps, allowing the driver to share statistics with just a touch of the watch.


Aside from the amazing features, this watch is stunning. Compared to the Samsung Galaxy Gear, the Nismo Watch is much sleeker and considerably more attractive. Its screen is flush with the watch, offering a smooth and seamless appearance. The Nismo Watch will also be available in three colors: black and red, all black and all white.

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Even the watch’s packaging is superb; with each watch presented in a heavy-duty box made of Nismo tire rubber scraped from race tracks. There is no word as to what the watch will be made of or what hardware it uses, but we do know that it is powered by a a lithium ion battery that is said to last seven days on a full charge.


Price and release date are unknown as of now, but expect Nissan to ride the smart watch wave and release the Nismo in the near future.


(Source: Nissan)