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Nissan Concept 2020 (Video)

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Yet another futuristic concept destined for the “Gran Turismo” video game series has been unveiled, and this time, it’s from Nissan.

The Nissan Concept 2020 was announced in a press release issued by the auto manufacturer June 16. This concept was created by a team of young Nissan designers in London, England, who were given free reign to produce a dream supercar for their very own “Gran Turismo” fantasy garage.

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Nissan enjoyed the concept so much that the London-based team received input from an advanced engineering team at Nissan Technical Center in Atsugi, Japan. In the press release, Nissan stated that the Nissan Concept 2020 gives hints as to how a supercar from them may look in the future.

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They even go as far as to say that they believe the real-world is ready for the Nissan Concept 2020 and that we should “watch this space.” Who knows, maybe we will see a real-life version of this concept in the near future.

For those who own “Gran Turismo” for the Playstation 3 will be able to download this car next month in July.






(Source: Nissan)


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