Conquest Evade and Nissan GT-R from Elysium

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In collaboration with SR Auto in Vancouver, Canada, Marcel Lech recently had the chance to shoot two very rare cars: the Conquest Evade and Nissan GT-R featured in Elysium.

The Conquest Evade is a luxurious SUV that could almost pass as a tank. From the outside, the Evade looks ready to take on a military operation, but the inside is a different story. The 2+2 limousine style seating provides passengers with a copious amount of room, while the high-grade leather and Alcantara help create a luxurious setting.

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Also featured in the photoshoot is the only surviving Nissan GT-R from the movie “Elysium.” While most of the cars used in the movie were destroyed during the filming process this one still remains, barely, however. According to @ricemoney, this GT-R has every single check light on, none of the prop buttons work and there is still sand inside the car from shooting the film. Would we be opposed to someone restoring this car? Absolutely not.

However, he also stated that there are top-secret plans in store for the GT-R, which will be unveiled later this year.

Be sure to check out the gallery below to see more of the two cars.