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World’s First Chameleon Carbon Fiber McLaren P1

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Manny Khoshbin is no stranger to the fine automobile. Don’t believe me? Check out his Instagram profile, which is just full of pictures of his supercar collection as the subject. His collection at the beginning of last week was pretty incredible, but with the addition of his new chameleon carbon fiber McLaren P1, it’s become even more astounding.

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His new McLaren P1, which he calls the MK Edition, was the star of the show at Lamborghini Newport Beach’s Supercar Show. Videographers, photographers and enthusiasts gathered around the car as it sat in front of the dealership. Jaws were dropping left and right the closer guests walked toward the car. From afar, one might think that the color-changing effect was coming from paint, but upon closer inspection you can see it’s naked carbon fiber with an overlay. And if you look even closer, you can see that the bottom of the car has a matte finish, while the top is glossy.

Khoshbin’s P1, along with CJ Wilson’s, has to be the most insane example yet. Check it out in the video below.

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(NSFW Language in the second half of vid)