New World Record for Venturie Electric Vehicle Set at 341 MPH

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It’s official. The Venturi VBB-3 has made history as the world’s fastest electric car. The dart-like automobile and the Center for Automotive Research at Ohio State University partnered up for another run on the Bonneville salt flats in Ohio to test the Venturi VBB-3’s speed capabilities. This is the fifth record set for Venturi and OSU.

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The record was three years in the making as the VBB-3 was actually completed and ready to run in 2013, but severe weather in Ohio postponed the testing three years in a row. Considered the most powerful electric car in production, the VBB-3 makes an incredible 300- horsepower, but you won’t see this one on the roadways. It’s sleek, slim dart-like design is made for research and racing only, but as a leader in the electric car industry, don’t put it past Venturi to come up with a road-ready vehicle in the future.

Footage from 2015