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Win a ride in a McLaren 600LT

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If you have been contemplating a new McLaren for sale, they are offering an unprecedented experience. The latest model in their Sports Series lineup is the 600LT. It is the first Long Tail in the Sports Series, and it is the culmination of lessons learned on the 570S and 570GT. To experience it in person, McLaren have hidden a numeric code in 4 YouTube uploads.

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The introduction of the car in North America is spearheaded by a campaign entitled “The Edge Is Calling”. If you can decode the meaning of the code, you might win a chance of a lifetime. McLaren will provide airfare and dining for you to drive the 600LT across California’s most scenic landscapes.

From Joshua Tree National Monument, you will follow the San Andreas fault between September 27-30th. It is open to residents of the UK, Japan, Germany, and 48 states (except New York and Florida). Watch these films below and tell us what the numbers mean, and stay with us for all your McLaren updates.

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