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W Motors Lykan SuperSport Revealed

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As the final prototype was displayed at the Nov. 5 Dubai International Motor Show, W Motors announced that the Lykan Hypersport will soon be available to consumers.A Nov. 7 article from TheNational speaks of the completely functional Hypersport being admired at the show. Every aspect of the supercar is complete, even the holographic center console. However even with the Hypersport taking the show, it’ll be the Lykan Supersport that takes the future.

While the Hypersport was thought to only be a dream and the company faced challenges during development, the project came to fruition. With the successful completion of the Hypersport and plans for the production of seven units in 2014, W Motors has already begun planning for other vehicles to add to their line-up. The first addition to the line-up will be the Lykan Supersport, which will see production in 2015 with 25 units being produced.

“We have a lot of things in development too: hybrid systems, KERs systems. We’re using the Lykan as a base and seeing how we can develop it to the extreme. The HyperSport is an incredible car to drive, but the SuperSport – coming next year – will be an even better performance car,” said Ralph Debbas, CEO of W Motors in a Nov. 7 article on

W Motors - SuperSport - Limited Edition

However, the Supersport will not be quite as luxurious or high-tech. No emeralds will be in the headlights, no holographic center console and no gold stitching. But with the name “Supersport,” you can expect the performance to be far more advanced with an estimated 1000 hp.

Debbas continued in that same article by saying, “It’s mainly about power and performance, so it’s going to be above 1000hp. It’s going to be a very light car, under 1200kg; it’s an incredible car. It’s under development at the moment, and we hope to have something to show, maybe not this advanced, this time next year.”

The Supersport will be less exclusive and less innovative, but with that comes more power and less weight, which is hard to believe when the current Hypersport can already sprint from 0-60 mph in just 2.6 seconds. And with the decrease in jewels and technology, we may even be able to expect a decrease in price from the $3.4 million price tag on the Hypersport.

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