VUHL 05 Is a Mexican Trackday Monster

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Developed and built in Mexico, the VUHL 05 supercar was introduced to the public today at the Royal Automobile Club in London, UK.


The supercar was developed by brothers Iker and Guillermo Echeverria and engineered with the help of Ford, Magna Steyr and Multimatic.  The VUHL 05 will make its debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed sometime next week, which means we don’t have many details to share with you until then.

VUHL is just as new of a company as the supercar itself, standing for Vehicles of Ultra- lightweight and High-performance. The body of the VUHL 05 will be built in Canada, while the chassis and final assembly will be handled by Adman Leku in Mexico City. The carmaker’s European headquarters has been set up in Luxembourg. The Echeverria brothers are excited about their the unveiling and promise that it will be lightweight, endowed with exhilarating performance.

“We intend VŪHL products to be renowned for their effective simplicity and aesthetics guided by a purity of function,” says Iker. “The 05 and its successors will also be notable for uncompromising build quality, rigorous attention to detail and a driving experience par excellence.”

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