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Legendary Valentino Balboni Creates Exhaust for Aventador SV

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Italian artisans are trained to make works of art by using traditional methods. Lamborghini’s latest Aventador SV is just such a creation, but all modern production exhausts are mass-produced using automation to save time. In his career as Lamborghini’s chief test driver, Valentino Balboni spent 35 years ensuring the quality and performance of the brand. Having driven 80% of their total production, he probably has a few opinions on how the V12 should sound.

PB_VB_10If you want your new Aventador SV to be the loudest car for miles, simply unbolt your factory system. Straight pipes hurt performance at cruising speeds and might provoke attention from the authorities. If you demand the best for your car, Valentino’s new system is the most beautiful aftermarket creation we’ve ever seen. Rejecting the mass production methods of automated pipe benders, he chose to have master welders fabricate each bend with individual tig welds.


Using the latest in titanium alloys, each mirror-imaged system takes 350 hours to build. Billet titanium hangers in the factory locations require no modifications to your rare car. Probably the lightest bolt-on exhaust ever offered, both sides add up to 13.8 lbs. Only 30 examples will be produced, with each set polished to a mirror shine. For more information and beautiful images, head over to his new website. And if you need an Aventador SV to attach to this system, be sure to check out listings from our dealers below.

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