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United Nude’s Lo Res Concept

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United Nude, a designer lifestyle brand known for products like shoes and accessories, just joined the car design realm with their Lo Res Concept. The minimalist design is a tribute to the 1970’s Marcello Gandini designed Lamborghini Countach. To achieve the simplistic, geometric shape, United Nude employed their design method used in series creation. The company takes an object, and then lowers the 3-D resolution for each variation within the series until the final installment is an abstract, fragmented design (shown below).

united nude series

The Specs:

  • Polygonal shaped polycarbonate body
  • To maintain the abstract design, the concept has no doors. Instead, the entire body opens up from the bottom thanks to electric lifts
  • Transparent capsule design for a full 360-degree viewing experience
  • Two seats– with the passenger sitting behind the driver
  • Electric engine with a max speed of only 31-mph (a safety feature)
  • Polished stainless steel steering wheel

united nude 2

Lo Res pushes the limits in car design, forcing us outside our comfort zones and into a new era of automobile. The concept is set for exhibition in Los Angeles sometime soon, though an exact date has not yet been established.

united nude 3