Uber Delivers Puppies- Need We Say More?

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Wednesday, February 3, will mark another annual UberPuppies event in an effort to encourage shelter adoption. On this day, customers will actually be able to request the delivery of a puppy to their homes for play time. This encounter will last 15 minutes and will cost customers $30.

Uber features this and an UberKitten event each year and its effort has proven effect. A reported 100 dogs and 300 kittens were adopted last year as a result of the Uber pet initiatives. Not to worry, though– these furry friends cannot be adopted on the spot, as Uber recognizes the importance of the shelter adoption process.

We dig Uber’s idea, and we wanted to celebrate in our own way. Below, check out our version of UberPuppies, which we’ll call DogDayExotics. We’ve compiled some pics of the internet’s coolest dogs in some of the hottest rides.