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The U.K.’s Morgan and Selfridges Team Up on Zero Emission Car

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Born in 1909 in England, were two brands destined to become British icons in the business world. Today, they come together for a much anticipated collaboration. Their project is a specialty, zero-emission, all-electric vehicle, which will be known as the #UK1909Edition EV3.

Morgan, a boutique car-maker specializing in classic looking three and four wheeled vehicles, was established in 1909 by H.F.S. Morgan. As their site states, the vehicles created, “are coach built and subjected to continual development in order to meet current standards of safety and to offer the responsive thoroughbred performance with which our name is associated.”

Selfridges, which was also established in 1909 by a man named Harry Gordon Selfridges, is a chain department store specializing in high-end goods and fashion.

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The two brands will use their expertise in the respective areas of business, the automotive world and design, to create the completely one-of-a-kind #UK1909Edition EV3.

Both companies share the same business values, one of which is to create sustainable products, thus, a collaboration on the EV3 fits well within their ventures. In a press release, the brands had this to say about the project:

EV3, called UK 1909 Edition, blending Morgan’s legendary engineering know-how and iconic design with Selfridges’ famous flair for fashion. The result is a car that is a collector’s item as desirable and beautiful as a piece of art and as practical, comfortable and fast as a 21st century car with carbon neutral credentials should be.

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The UK 1909 Edition will be a three-wheeled vehicle capable of 120-150 miles on one charge, with a top speed of 90 mph. The “retro-futuristic, bullet-bodied” vehicle will feature a fusion of luxury and sport, taking inspiration from “1930’s aero engine race cars, classic motorcycles and 1950’s fantasy automatons.”

The UK 1909 will be limited to only 19 examples and is scheduled for two official launches: one in Selfridges Birmingham on
October 1 and another in London on November 1. The price point is set at £52,500 (approximately $57,565).