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Turn Your Tablet into a Porsche 911

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In a world where technology is advancing at a rapid rate, brands are trying to make their non-online marketing efforts a little more enticing. Famed car maker, Porsche, is no exception. Porsche understands that their standard 911 ad might not be exciting enough to get to you stop flipping aimlessly through a magazine, so they decided to level up their tactics a bit.

With Porsche’s new ad for their iconic 911, you can now turn your tablet into a hologram– a 911 hologram to be exact. Thanks to technology, all you have to do is pull the acetate prism (plastic piece) out of the ad, put it together with a few folds, place the plastic piece on your tablet and with the help of a video from Porsche, your tablet is transformed into a 911 hologram video.

Adweek states over 150,000 of these prisms have made their way into production, 100,000 of which will be glass and delivered through the mail.

Check out the video below for more information about the hologram.

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