TrackingPoint: The Gun of Tomorrow

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We recently told you about the inspiration and development behind the world’s first Precision Guided Firearm. Now let’s take a closer look at the finer points of their technology and the latest products from TrackingPoint, Inc.

The XactSystem™ is the solution for missed shots. A networked tracking scope is combined with a guided trigger, target tagging button and barrel reference to provide the best shooting solution for your target. We were curious about how a scope could be networked, but, believe it or not, this scope has WiFi.

Also found inside the scope housing are the computer, laser rangefinder, low light filter, microphone, compass, pressure and temperature sensors, USB ports and batteries, and somehow they still found room for old fashioned optical lenses. We’re not sure how they managed to package all that into such a small space, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it had Pandora or Facebook integration also.

Why would a rifle need WiFi? Streaming video and audio allows for quick communication between team members, as well as the ability to record events via tablet or phone. With recent advances in wearable electronics, it can even assist in firing from around a corner.

In the old days, the shooter pulled the trigger and the bullet was fired. Now, with a Guided Trigger, your pull informs the system that you are ready to fire. If you move the rifle away from your target, the trigger weight is increased proportionally. Once your target is in the crosshairs, trigger weight drops out, allowing the trigger to fall and releasing the round. This system adds another level of safety by blocking trigger action if the rifle is not perfectly aimed at the intended target.

TrackingPoint calibrates each firearm at the factory to ensure that the scope is “zeroed,” or aligned to the barrel. All scopes change alignment over time, and require adjustments to maintain their accuracy. The XactSystem uses a Barrel Reference System to constantly adjust scope alignment. Sighting in a scope is a tedious process, and now relegated to the history books.

The biggest news from TrackingPoint comes in the form of their new AR-series rifles. Based on the popular AR-15 architecture, it combines the powerful XactSystem with lightning fast semi-auto action. Available in 7.62, .300 BLK and 5.56 calibers, this AR is capable of locking on and hitting targets at 500 yards.

Last year, TrackingPoint teased the gun world with details of their “Super Gun.” Partnering with McMillan Products, they intend to adapt the powerful XactSystem to the potent .50 caliber McMillan rifle. The goal is to be able to accurately hit targets at 3,100 yards, or 1.76 miles. At that distance, the system has to account for an extra variable – the curvature of the earth.

With a product line that includes every popular sporting caliber in both bolt action and semi-auto, TrackingPoint has something for all shooters. If you want the state of the art, look no further.

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