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Top Mansions to Enjoy the Coastal Lifestyle

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Crystal-clear, turquoise waters lay as flat as glass while a rainbow of sea life swims gracefully beneath the placid water line. Emerging and disappearing into the crevices of the coral reef, small fish dart in and out as the larger beings slowly ramble on by. Boaters drift cautiously while peering into the enchanting world below the water, and divers swim slowly as to not disturb this breathtaking underwater environment.

As the depth of the sea narrows and the shoreline approaches, a wave of tiny sea turtles flutter past on their initial expedition into the great unknown. Beachgoers look on as the recently-hatched newborns unearth from their nest and trek toward the coast’s gentle waves. One kind soul carefully encourages a hatchling in the right direction.

16623 Banyan Lane, Sugarloaf Key, Florida offered for $2,499,000

131 SW 57th Terrace, Cape Coral, Florida offered for $1,249,000

27097 Serrano Way, Bonita Springs, Florida offered for $1,189,000

Shuffling through the soft, white sand, lackadaisical families select their portion of the beach and lay towels beneath brightly-colored umbrellas. Children carry their buckets to the shore to collect water for the moat around their sandcastle. Further down the beach, another family is burying someone in the sand. The sounds of laughter and splashing emit a warm feeling as you look on from the balcony of your coastal home. You turn to your family and suggest another day spent at the beach directly behind your residence.

As your children exclaim their excitement, you gather the pre-packed beach bag and your family makes the short sojourn through the sliding glass doors, out to the steps of your brick patio and through the gate on to the sugary sand shoreline beyond. While laying your beach blanket over the contours of the sand you think to yourself, “it doesn’t get any better than this.”