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Top 10 Monterey Unveilings for 2019

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What once was a Concours on the lawns of Pebble Beach has turned into the automotive industry’s top events. As you are reading this, the duPont REGISTY Live team is spread across the Monterey peninsula. A few of us remained behind to hold down the fort, and to inform you about the most important events we’re missing out on. So here are our Top 10 Monterey Unveilings for 2019

Karma GT

Peter Hay Hill is a perfect vantage point to showcase amazing automobiles. It overlooks the entrance to Pebble Beach, and it is where we will have a dozen of the world’s finest cars on display. Next to our exhibit will be the latest from Karma Automotive. They went back to the drawing board and entrusted the design of their latest model to Pininfarina. What they delivered is a stunning 2-door electric GT. So we’re excited that the 2020 Karma GT will be unveiled at Pebble Beach. Don’t be confused by the name, Karma still builds the Revero GT, an updated version of their first sedan.

Acura Type S Concept

Acura Type S Concept

What we see here represents the future of Acura’s styling. They plan to release two Type-S performance models in 2 years, and this concept finally makes a bold departure from the Honda models they are based on. Well Done Acura!

Drako GTE

Electric hypercars are poised to make gasoline obsolete. Fueled by automotive startups like Rivian and Tushek, a group of Silicon Valley engineers are throwing their hat into the ring. Drako Motors intends to offer 1,200 horsepower with unprecedented grip. They have developed 4-wheel steering in which each wheel can be turned independently. Given that each wheel has its own electric motor, it will raise the bar for EV performance.

Pininfarina Battista

Last year we were taken aback by a new electric supercar at Pebble Beach. While Enzo Ferrari concentrated on his race team Automobili Pininfarina was responsible for styling and building the production cars. Nothing lasts forever, and Ferrari eventually brought production in-house. This gave Pininfarina freedom to move their headquarters to Munich, and develop the amazing Coke Freestyle machine. Perhaps this was a ruse to make us think they were out of the automotive industry, but their latest creation is about to shake up the world. In their latest press release, we learn that the Pininfarina Battista refinement continues for Monterey.

Lotus Evija

One day in the distant future, the only place to find gas-powered cars will be at the world’s most prestigious car shows. As for now, electric hypercars are in high demand, so the LotusEvija world tour will start at Monterey. England’s first all-electric Hypercar offers 2000 metric horsepower, or 1,973 using the traditional SAE protocols. Their first American order was received within hours of the reveal, so Monterey is a logical starting point.

2020 Corvette

Although it has already officially be unveiled, each new generation has been welcomed at Monterey. It will give the public a chance to get up close and personal with the 8th generation of Chevrolet’s flagship. It will be on display and even in action at the Rolex Motorsports Reunion at Laguna Seca.

Bugatti EB110 Successor

Bugatti is set to premiere a new model this week during The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering. More specifically, the unveiling will happen on Friday, August 16, at 11:20 am Pacific Time. Nothing is really known as to what will be unveiled, but speculations have been running wild. However, in the press release regarding the new car’s unveiling, Bugatti included a video. In the video, which you can watch below, the focus is mainly on the EB110. More importantly, the end of the video reads: “An EB110 homage.” Yes, it looks like the new Bugatti model will celebrate the iconic EB110.

Ferrari-Powered Arno XI Hydroplane

Originally built in 1952 to break the hydroplane record speed, Enzo Ferrari sent his best engineers to install a LeMans-prepped V12 engine with twin superchargers and methanol injection. A full restoration by Ferrari Classiche was completed a few days ago, and it was lifted by a crane on its original stand into our display on Peter Hay Hill. This is the first time the world has seen the restored Arno XI in better-than-new condition.

Bentley EXP 100 GT

The car adjusts accordingly by either going into “cocoon” mode or performance mode. Insulating you from the outside world, cocoon handles the driving while using the latest in sound and visual isolation. Fiber optics are woven throughout the cockpit to provide a relaxing ambiance. But all that can change with a gesture of your hand. You can take command at an instant, and the car’s personality changes. Light and sound are allowed in to connect you to the world outside. Another gesture allows the car to take a snapshot of your journey, these memories are stored in the AI system as memories of each experience.

McLaren GT by MSO

This one-off example of the GT is full of options that MSO has in store for the new model. This includes the new MSO Defined Flux Silver paint, MSO Bespoke Sating Graphite paint on the aero components, Gloss Black Diamond Cut wheels and a lot more. There’s even an MSO Painted Key Back that goes along with this car.


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