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Top 10 Cars To Be Unveiled At Geneva

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Spring auto show season is in full force. That means the world’s automakers are gearing up for the Geneva Motor Show, one of the biggest events of the year. It opens on the 8th of February and runs until the 18th. This happens to coincide with duPont REGISTRY Live at the Baltimore Auto Show, but we’ve been known to be on multiple continents at the same time.

10. Zenvo

They have been teasing a new model with even more power, so let’s hope it can surpass the ST1

Zenvo ST1 Sounds Off Tunnel Accelerations in Monaco

9. Rimac

The incredible performance and safety of the Rimac Concept One were put to the test on Season 2 of The Grand Tour. Richard Hammond walked away from a graphic crash, which led the manufacturer to improve their design.

Rimac Teases Next-Generation Hypercar

8. Mercedes-AMG G63

It has only been a few weeks since Mercedes-Benz unveiled the new generation of the G Wagen. As we all know, the AMG versions are the most popular, so get ready for the next generation G63 AMG.

2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Class Unveiled in its Entirety


7. McLaren P15 Senna

An homage to their best driver, the P15 is unlike anything McLaren have ever built.

McLaren Senna Spins Up Donuts in Building


6. Range Rover Coupe

This one speaks for itself!

Land Rover To Unveil 2-Door Range Rover At Geneva

5. Jaguar I-Pace

Who wouldn’t want an all-electric crossover with incredible range?

Jaguar I-Pace Prototype Testing in LA

4. Ferrari 488 Speciale/GTO

The Ferrari 488 GTB and Spider are fast, very fast. Who in their right mind would add more power and aerodynamics? Come on, you know you want it!

Report: Ferrari 488 “GTO” Specs Leaked (Updated W/ Pic)

3. Bentayga V8S

Twelve-cylinder engines have been the staple of British luxury since the beginning. You can’t deny the power and torque of the W12 in the Bentayga, but it is always nice to have an alternative for eco-minded customers.

2019 Bentley Bentayga: 10 Facts You Should Know


2. Audi e-tron

What started as an all-electric A3 sportback has been in development since 2012. Audi operates a testing & engineering center two blocks down the road, so every once in awhile we see these prototypes on the street. We could tell you more, but you’ll have to wait!

Audi e-tron quattro Concept Introduced

1. Aston Martin Vantage

Sure Aston Martin builds hypercars and the incredibly Vanquish, but the Vantage is their Bread & Butter. Even if it’s their entry-level car, its still an Aston Martin, so it commands respect wherever you drive it.

Aston Martin Launches New 2018 Vantage Configurator

Tell us which one you are waiting for in the comments below, and we’ll have all the info here next week. Stay with us for all your automotive news and have a great weekend!