The Peugeot Onyx Concept at the Paris Motor Show

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Peugeot officially unveiled their diesel hybrid concept at the Paris Motor Show, the Onyx.  It looks like one of those supercar concepts that will never happen, but you wish it would.

While the design itself interesting enough, what really draws me towards this car is it’s weight.  It has hand-crafted body panels made from copper, carbon fiber is used throughout the car, and a wood dash made from compacted paper. Also, the windows are made with lightweight acrylic.  With all of these lightweight components, the Onyx weighs in at a shocking 2,425 pounds.

The power for the onyx comes from a V8 3.7-liter hybrid diesel engine that pumps out 600 horsepower.  To aid the diesel engine is a lithium-ion powered electric engine provides 80 more horsepower for better acceleration.

(Source: Peugeot UK / Facebook)