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Tesla Autopilot Might Save Your Life

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Every automated system can fail when pushed beyond its limits, but then again so can our own bodies. Joshua Neally is an Attorney in Springfield, Missouri who commutes daily from his home in Branson. In a story originally published by, we have learned that after suffering a pulmonary embolism his Tesla Model X was able to find its way to the nearest hospital.

In emergency medicine, the risk of death rises exponentially after the 60 minutes. Doctors call it the “Golden Hour”, in which most major trauma or cardio issues can be corrected.

After travelling about five miles during his commute, Neally noticed a sharp pain in his abdomen. After calling his wife and agreeing that he needed to go to an emergency room, he made a bold decision: let the car do the driving. He set his Model X’s autopilot to take him to the nearest ER and hoped for the best.

Joshua’s Model X was able to get him to a hospital near a highway on-ramp and he manually parked it. Pulling on his experience as a lawyer, he admits it might have been safer to wait for an ambulance but the system performed as advertised. Bad press spreads much faster than praise, which is why you probably won’t see his name on the nightly news. If SpaceX can land a rocket on a barge in rolling seas, Tesla’s autopilot might be the next leap forward in the automobile.

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