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Terradyne GURKHA vs a LANDMINE

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Many armored cars protect their occupants from small arms fire. Being able to stop a 30 Caliber round is nice to have in your daily commute. But what would happen if you drove over a landmine? That is what the engineers at Terradyne wanted to know about their latest GURKHA. So they selected a random model and sent it to Oregon Ballistic Laboratories for a “simulation”.

A.J. Burnett’s 2016 Terradyne Gurkha RPV For Sale

I use that term in the loosest sense, because the truck is real, and inside are a family of dummies. They were wired with pressure and acoustic sensors, and OBL’s cameras were placed behind acrylic shields. Upon detonation, a shaped charge sent molten metal and vaporized earth into the undercarriage. But watch this in slow motion- The thick armor plates used to protect the driveline are at 45-degree angles.

This sends the blast outwards, tossing rocks farther than the cameras. The result was a crater and bumpy ride, and everyone survived. No shrapnel, no broken eardrums, just an inconvenience that would have destroyed every car around it. Terradyne has been building the ultimate armored vehicles for over a decade. Each one has B7/ NATO Level 2 protection. Not only can it take a mine in any location, it will also shrug off a 155mm shell explosion at 330 feet away. If your Ex has a howitzer aimed at you, tell her to step her game up. If your family needs the best protection in the world, this video speaks for itself. Claymores and Bangalore torpedos are no match for the GURKHA, and they won’t even bother your Spotify streaming.

On a personal note, every time we feature a GURKHA at an event, no transporter is capable of hauling it. They drive down from Ontario, cruising at 80 mph without any worries. I have been above 80 mph in a silent and luxurious interior. The 6.7 Powerstroke and 4.88 gears are perfect for city or highway thanks to the six-speed HD automatic transmission. Ford supplies the driveline from the F450, so it is clean burning and 50-state legal. Click the link below to learn more and some peace of mind to your daily commute.

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