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Team Galag’s Batmobile for Gumball 3000

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If you have a spare Lamborghini and an autoclave, you might find inspiration in Team Galag’s latest build. The Gumball 3000 rally brings together wealthy enthusiasts and talented builders from around the world. If you find yourself along this year’s route from Dublin to Bucharest, you might notice something from the special projects division of Wayne Enterprises.

Taking inspiration from the Batman’s preferred method of transit, Team Galag is making the journey in an imposing two seater. You might think the complex curves are simply fiberglass wrapped in vinyl, but the body is true carbon fiber. Motivation comes from the Gallardo/R8 5.2L V10 which is good for over 500 hp. We hope the AWD system was retained because the power of this level with such a light body would make for a handful in the rain.

Here’s to Team Galag for saving a Gallardo from the crusher. We hope all teams and spectators can enjoy the rally in safety, and stay tuned for more wild rides from this year’s event.