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TBT: Aston Martin’s New DB4 GT

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We like to get a little historical every Friday-eve. For today’s first Throwback Thursday, we’ve learned that Aston Martin have resurrected one of their most iconic race cars. The DB4 GT was a featherweight racer with a big engine and aerodynamic upgrades over the base DB4. A press release on Aston Martin’s media site caught us off-guard because they are bringing it back

David Brown owned the company from the 40’s to the 70’s, so it is only fitting he put his initials on the high-performance cars. He sought to build the best cars in the world, so he asked his genius engine builder to tune their straight six to maximum power. He added another distributor and another extra spark plug on each cylinder to make sure the gas burned evenly. Compression was upped and three twin-choke Weber carburetors allowed it to make 304 horsepower. The wheelbase was chopped to make it handle better than the competition, and the aluminum body was thinner than regular production DB4 models. It could reach 60 mph in 6.1 seconds, which is quick even today.

  • 61Aintree GP 9536.tif
  • DB4_GT_Continuation_02JPG
  • DB4_GT_Continuation_04jpg
  • 1960 Fordwater Trophy.
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  • DB4_GT_Continuation_07jpg
  • DB4_GT_Continuation_08jpg

Aston Martin is building a limited run of 25 “DB4 GT Continuation” cars. After digitally scanning a pristine surviving example, they added a few modern touches to the engine. The new cars will offer 340 horsepower to a four-speed manual transmission. Each car will be built by hand using the same tools their grandfathers had. No detail has been overlooked. Even the chassis numbers and VIN will start at 020R, the final production car from 1959. The press release also mentions that each car will be commissioned by dealers for their most affluent customers. Original examples are rarely seen in public, so if you would like more information, click on the link below to find your local Aston Martin dealer.

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