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SVAutobiography Pricing Announced, Autobiography Turns 21

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Pop the bottle of champagne and join Land Rover in celebrating one of their most successful model lines to date: the Range Rover Autobiography.

At a VIP reception April 1 during the New York International Auto Show, Christina Hendricks, David Gandy, Jodie Kidd and more gathered around for the official unveiling of Land Rover’s most powerful and luxurious Range Rover yet, the 2016 Range Rover SVAutobiography. Sitting next to this new addition was the 2016 Jaguar XF sedan, each of which represent the next generation for Jaguar Land Rover overall.

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The SVAutobiography will be released in a limited run of just 200 units for the United States, with pricing starting at $199,495 when it goes on sale this fall. But almost as notable as the SVAutobiography’s supercharged 5.0-liter V8, its 547 hp and 501 lb-ft ability is the fact that this year marks the 21st birthday of the Autobiography line.

A gallery uploaded to Land Rover’s Facebook page March 31 shared a look at the lineups evolution, beginning with its introduction at the London Motor Show in 1993. Six photos were used to bring the past 21 years to life, sharing unique pieces of information about each stage of growth.

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“The earliest Autobiography Range Rovers were wholly customisable,” describes one image caption, a reminder of the marque’s focus on, and dedication to, absolute luxury and driver enjoyment. The Autobiography also managed to be the first to incorporate certain technological features, which were quite groundbreaking at the time.

“The Range Rover Autobiography caused a stir when we originally announced its capacity to accommodate a fax machine in the rear console,” described another image. In 1997, it went on to explain, television, video and satellite navigation systems had been incorporated into the line.

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Be sure to check out the evolution of the Range Rover in the first gallery below, and in the second, take a look at the star-studded unveiling in New York City.

Before the new SVAutobiography is for available sale, take a look through our listings of Range Rover Autobiographies below, and find the perfect daily driver from this 21 year evolution.


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