Supercars of Monaco Summer 2015 Compilation

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It’s no question that summer is the best season for supercar spotters, and it’s well known that Monaco is one of the places where an inordinate amount of supercars can be found.

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Sadly, summer has drawn to a close for the northern hemisphere, and there’s a decent amount of time between now and the summer of 2016. To get you through the cold weather and lack of extreme horsepower, MDKSuperCars has shared a compilation of all their best spots from summer ’15.

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The 32 minute compilation video was shared on YouTube Oct. 7, and features almost every and any supercar, classic car, souped up car and aftermarket creation that you can imagine driving through Monaco’s streets. Paganis? Check. Lamborghinis? Check. Ferraris, Bugattis, Porsches and Koenigseggs? Check, check, check and, yep, check.

Watch the video to get your fill of summer supercar beauty, find your own supercar from our exclusive listings below and hold on tight until next year – we promise, summer will be back before you even know it.

Editor’s note: Do not attempt to recreate the driving methods seen in the video below – always be sure to obey local traffic laws when enjoying your supercars.

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(Source: YouTube)

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