Supercar Burnouts at Top Marques Monaco 2015

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Representatives of the world’s finest automotive manufacturers gathered in Monaco April 16-19 for the 12th annual Top Marques Monaco event, creating a nearly unparalleled showing of what the supercar world has to offer right now.


As the event’s website tells us, more than 42,000 visitors attended, a record 1,300 test drives were performed and of the hundreds of vendors that attended, an impressive 80 percent made a sale. But the truly spectacular part of this show comes in the form of what’s hitting the streets.

With all of these supercars in attendance, it’s only expected that quite a few will have a little fun on the roads. Grandestsupercars uploaded a video to YouTube April 26 of exactly that: dozens of supercars launching and burning out throughout Monaco.

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The compilation video, seen above, shows everything from Ferrari 458 Spiders, to Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMGs, to a BMW M4 tearing around a corner and launching through a tunnel, which appears to be the same one Lewis Hamilton tore his Zonda 760LH through in September 2014.

Be sure to check out the video above, then take a minute to browse our exclusive supercar listings to find the perfect ride for your trip to Top Marques Monaco 2016.


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Editor’s Note: This type of driving should only be done on a closed course under professional supervision. The Editors at the duPont REGISTRY do not condone any illegal behavior on public roadways.

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