Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus Announces New Factory

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Motion picture and financial mogul James Glickenhaus has a car collection that will blow your mind. In addition to his custom builds by Pininfarina, he has been granted a low-volume manufacturer license by the NHTSA. This green light will allow them to build up to 325 cars each year. 

James Glickenhaus Teases the SCG004C

But their existing headquarter in Sleepy Hollow, NY is more famous for the Headless Horseman than hypercar manufacturing. So Jesse Glickenhaus and his father have their eyes on a spot near Danbury, CT. In an exclusive with Jalopnik, the facility is only 45 minutes from home, and it could potentially be solar powered.

This would translate to 15 cars a week instead of one a month. The goal is 50 cars per month, to meet the wild demand for the SCG003 series and the SCG004S. We also hope it includes the rugged SCG 2DR Boot for the 4WD enthusiasts among us.