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Austin Mahone’s Rust-Wrapped BMW i8

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Typically, you never want your car to be covered in rust, but when it’s a wrap and not actually oxidization it’s another story. Take Austin Mahone’s BMW i8 for instance, it’s been covered in a very special “rust wrap” designed by @zachonthat and applied by MetroWraps.

While it may look like the car has been sitting underneath a sprinkler for ages and is made out of iron, it’s actually just a well-done wrap. To make the appearance even more grandiose are the golden Vossen wheels.

But, what do you guys think about this wrap? Hot or not? I think it’s pretty wild, in a good way. While everyone focuses on making sure their cars look like mirrors, Mahone wanted his new i8 to look like a rust bucket without the damage. And what’s great is that the colors, including the gold and black trim, go together so well with the wrap. But, then again, everyone has their own tastes. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Austin Mahone got crazy with this one! MetroWrapz #rustedi8 #vossenforged #vossen

Posted by Vossen Wheels on Monday, November 7, 2016