Ross Downing Chevrolet Focuses on High Customer Satisfaction

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Ross Downing Chevrolet has built a reputation on their world-class customer service for over 40 years in Hammond, Louisiana. Family-owned and operated, the difference between Ross Downing and other dealerships comes in the form of always placing the customers’ needs and wants as top priority. From the moment they step foot on the gorgeous campus, customers immediately notice just how Ross Downing Chevrolet is different. Upon arrival, they are always greeted with a warm inviting welcome, and are treated like family and given the respect they deserve for many miles down the road.

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Name: Ross Downing Chevrolet

Location: 600 S Morrison Blvd., Hammond, LA

Phone Number: (985) 345-1285



This dealership prides itself on treating customers with honesty, respect and courtesy that’s not often found in most other locations by taking hospitality to an entirely different level. The five-star accommodations of Ross Downing Chevrolet rival those of the most chic amenities at a resort. From the luxury waiting lounge, to the express service, customers waste no time in coming back. The staff of Ross Downing takes pride in ensuring complete and utter satisfaction, from sales, to service, and will do whatever it takes to remedy your problem and find a solution. Customer satisfaction first comes from helping drivers find the perfect vehicle. The company philosophy is completely against subjecting customers to overselling and pressure tactics.

2015 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28

A long standing belief in making sure customers only purchase or lease the vehicle that’s right for them is just one part of their impressive reputation. Ross Downing stands firm in the philosophy that creating lifelong customers comes from ensuring that they are 100 percent satisfied with their first purchase. This is accomplished by providing the best possible service, up front pricing and being as straight-forward as one would expect from a community-centric dealership.

Without question, Ross Downing Chevrolet creates customers for life. Service after the sale is one of their mantras, and by providing excellent service at exceptional prices, they are able to retain loyal customers. More than anything else, Ross Downing is in the relationship business. They know that if they can forge a trusting bond with their customers, those customers will continue to return.

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Word-of-mouth can be a powerful thing. If a business has a dishonest reputation, it’s difficult to convince people otherwise through clever advertising. Fortunately, Ross Downing Chevrolet doesn’t have that problem. Ask around in the Hammond area – or even in New Orleans and Baton Rouge – and people will tell you that Ross Downing Chevrolet is a different breed of car dealership.

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