Rob “Chairslayer” Parsons Drifts with His Hands

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In the wake of a near-fatal BMX accident, former biker and drifting maestro Rob Parsons has turned his recovery and passion for drifting into a tool of inspiration. In a March 29 video uploaded to Youtube by Keep Drifting Fun, Parsons describes how his Formula D-modified 1991 Nissan 180SX has become more than a mode of personal motivation.

 rob parsons

Paralyzed from the waist down, Rob took on the project of transforming his drift car to be fully hand-operable. In the video, Rob mentions that he can drive his freshly-painted LS1-powered Nissan better than before the accident. In spite of his ability to go and competitively participate in events, Rob has chosen to use his skills and car to inspire other people with a physical disability at numerous events, teaching them to drive his monster.

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Check out the video above to see the full story and hear the Chairslayer shredding up some tires. Rob’s recovery is amazing in its own right, but what he has decided to do with his driving experience and fabrication skills is downright stunning. Check out the video below, uploaded to YouTube by AlwaysDTF Nov. 25, 2013, for some teasers of the car in its mid-modification state and the craftsmanship behind the swirling clouds of tire smoke.

Stripped down to bare sheet metal, the right hand drive 180SX has received extensive reinforcement to cope with the drivetrain’s power output, and countless modifications to separate itself from stock Nissans, all of which allow for it to enter the realm of legend. This level of ingenuity and dedication demands applause and recognition outside of drifting circles, and we are glad to share the story.

(Source: YouTube via Autoblog)

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