Rezvani Beast Speedster: An Agile Homage

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Rezvani unleashed the production model Beast back on June 15, a wild 500 hp sportscar from America. Now, they have created a tamer variant focused on handling, light weight and agility: the Beast Speedster. Unveiled Sept. 9 in a press release, the Beast Speedster is said to channel “the history and performance of iconic roadsters past” and act as an homage to them.

rezvani-beast-speedster (27)

Just like the original Beast, it comes with a body crafted almost entirely from carbon fiber, which sits on top of a modified Ariel Atom 3 carbon steel chassis. Also carrying over is the supercharged 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine, but instead of 500 hp, like the original Beast, the Speedster has 300 hp. Even with the 200 hp decrease, the Beast Speedster can still manage a 0-60 mph time of just 3.5 seconds.

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“We really wanted to put the emphasis on agility over speed,” said CEO Ferris Rezvani in the press release. “To compliment our 500-horsepower Beast, the Speedster focuses on handling, and pure open-top performance for the road.”

rezvani-beast-speedster (30)

Inside, the new model also received a few upgrades. This includes leather padding for the carbon fiber seats, steering wheel and shift knob. Along with the reduction in power comes a more affordable price. While the Beast costs $165,000, the new Beast Speedster will come in at only $139,000.

What’s more, Rezvani also announced that a third Beast variant will be out before the year’s end. So, be sure to stay with us for more information as it is released.


(Source: Rezvani Motors)