Review of the 2013 Lincoln MKX

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Last week we reviewed the Infiniti JX35, a very luxurious crossover and this week we bring you yet another beautifully crafted crossover.   The 2013 Infiniti MKX is quite possibly one of most technologically advanced crossovers on the market and one of the most stylish as well.  It offers a very streamlined interior and plenty of power under the hood.

The exterior of the MKX is very similar to its previous model, but that is not necessarily a bad thing as it has always been a very great looking car.  It’s grille would have to be the MKX’s most notable exterior feature as it stands out from the crowd and gives the crossover the distinct look it deserves.

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Where the MKX really shines is its interior.  When you first sit down, you will notice the extremely comfortable seats that offer heating and ventilation.  The heated seats are also available in the second row of seats, ensuring everyone has toasty buns on a cold winter’s day.  Reach forward to the console and you’ll be greeted with one of the greatest consoles I’ve seen this year.  The highlight of the console is the MyLincoln Touch, which features LCD screens by the speedometer, a large LCD touchscreen in the middle of the center console, Bluetooth, and swipe-touch bars that replace the traditional knobs for volume.   While the screens, Bluetooth and voice-control are nice, I felt like a kid when I was playing with the swipe-touch bars.  In order to adjust the volume or radio station, you just drag your finger across a bar, and a light follows your finger, showing you that it is responding. Also, instead of regular ‘push-in’ buttons on the dash, there are touch-sensitive buttons. This crossover really is one of the most technologically advanced cars I have seen in quite some time.

While a nice interior is great for most people, there are gearheads out there like me who care about what is under the hood.  If you happen to be one of those automotive enthusiasts, you won’t be disappointed with the MKX’s power.  Powered by a 3.7-liter V6, the MKX offers more than enough power.  Even though it weighs in at around 4000 pounds, it can still reach 0-60 mph in 8 seconds.  Of course, if you are buying an MKX, odds are you really aren’t looking for power or speed.

I had a pleasant time with the MKX, it was a delightful and comfortable drive on the road.  I also really enjoyed the technology that Lincoln put into this crossover, which allowed me to geek out quite a bit while I was parked.  If you are looking for a luxurious crossover that offers plenty of power, the 2013 Lincoln MKX may be the perfect car for you.