Revealed: The ICONA Vulcano, The Titanium Supercar

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With inspiration from the “world’s fastest plane”, the Blackbird SR-71, in the backs of their minds, the design team at ICONA manifested the world’s first titanium body car: the ICONA Vulcano. ICONA design director, Samual Chuffart states in a press release that the Blackbird SR-71’s, “sharp and dramatic silhouette complimenting its sensual surface transitions was key to the styling of the Vulcano.”


The Vulcano is hand-crafted, clocking in 10,000 hours of manpower and is revered by ICONA as a true work of art. Built by Italian coachbuilder, CECOMP, the body of the Vulcano is made for racing with a “strongly sculpted body side and voluptuous shapes” fashioned to “evacuate hot air from the engine and reduce air turbulence generated by the wheels,” according to the press release.


Under the hood, the Vulcano features a “mid-front engine calibrated for homologated roda and race use.” The supercharged V8 pushes 670 hp with a 0-60 time of 2.8 seconds. The Vulcano is truly a step into the future and as Chuffart states in the video below, the Vulcano was built in Italy “by people not afraid to take a new path and to explore new direction.”

Check out the full video below and tell us what you think of the completely titanium Vulcano.