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Revealed: Rolls-Royce ‘Black Badge’ at Geneva

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English automaker Rolls-Royce seeks to reach a younger, self-empowered demographic with its new ‘Black Badge’, which debuted at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show this week. The luxury car company describes its new model as an “edgy lifestyle statement,” perfectly suited for the unconventional, rule-breaking young generation. Those currently making an imprint on the world are unconventional, dark, unruly and defy modern standards, and Rolls-Royce has created an example to match the vibe.

The Black Badge features composite carbon fiber alloy wheels and the ‘Flying Lady’ in a new dark, ominous high-gloss, black finish. The interior is infused with “aerospace-grad aluminum-threaded carbon fiber composite surfacing”, which is a common material used in the aircraft industry. The interior surfacing has been darkened to promote the car’s intense look.


Power is delivered by a 6.6-liter V12 engine, which includes “subtle engine output modifications” that result in a power increase of 40 hp, according to a company press release. The engine is accompanied by an 8-speed automatic transmission and ‘Intutive Throttle Response’.

With subtle power changes and a dangerous look, the Black Badge is sure to captivate those who go against the grain. Stay tuned with us for more Geneva updates.

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