Remember This Car: First 2017 Ford GT Rolls Off Assembly Line

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It’s finally happening, ladies and gentlemen, the first 2017 Ford GT has rolled off of the assembly line. In a press release issued by Ford, they announced that the first road-going version of the new GT has rolled off of the line, marking the start of deliveries for the anticipated American supercar.

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“When we kicked off 2016, we had two primary objectives for our Ford GT supercar – to excel at Le Mans, and to start deliveries before year-end,” says Raj Nair, Ford executive vice president, global product development, and chief technical officer. “We’ve achieved both.” Nair went on to thank the employees and suppliers that made this moment happen and boasted the GT’s aerodynamics and EcoBoost engine.

With this announcement, expect Ford GTs to starting being delivered very soon. This may be one of the best Christmas surprises Ford has ever given us.

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