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Range Rover Reborn: Restorations by Land Rover Classic

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If you have ever wanted a new 1978 Range Rover, a press release earlier this morning outlines the program. Land Rover Classic is a team of master technicians dedicated to preserving the company’s historic collection. After noticing the demand for the classic 3 door model, the team was tasked with finding well-preserved examples in need of a freshening. After a complete teardown, each one was bestowed with new parts from the original inventory. Ten examples are planned for the initial debut, which will take place at the Paris Salon Rétro-mobile. The only engine to be offered is the 3.5 liter Rover V8. Originally designed by Buick in 1959, the innovative aluminum block “Fireball 215” was canned by the bean counters in 1963. Rover purchased the design and tooling and continued production for 39 years; we’ll cover that story another day.

The Reborn models will be displayed alongside the reborn Jaguar XKSS from their teammates at Jaguar Classic. We love the technology and safety of the latest Land Rover models, but there is peace in knowing that a carburetor and distributor are from an era of rugged dependability. The Bahama Gold ’78 three door features a four-speed manual transmission with a locking transfer case. Pricing will start at £135,000 GBP, or around $169,500. No word on US availability was mentioned, probably because Homeland Security likes to use taxpayer money to crush classic Defenders. Reborn is a brilliant way to clean out the warehouse of original parts, and offer the public a chance to relive their memories. If any of them do make it stateside, you will see it first here on Autofluence.

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