DriveClub: The Best Racing Game… Ever?

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Gran Turismo and Forza have always reigned supreme as far as racing simulators go on consoles, but isn’t it about time we saw a new competitor? Enter DriveClub.

During the Playstation 4 announcement yesterday, many games were revealed. We saw many titles that were expected(Killzone), some that surprised us(Diablo III), and some that were out of the blue. One of the games that seemed to come out of the blue was DriveClub.

Evolution Studios has actually been working on DriveClub for quite some time now, but have been waiting for a console powerful enough to handle what they have in mind, and it seems like the PS4 can handle just about anything thrown at it.

The interesting thing about this racing game is that it is completely different from Forza of Gran Turismo. Matt Southern, the head of the studio, said that this game is all about the social function. You can create a club of racers with your friends, post your scores, stream your races, create challenges that other clubs try to accomplish and even partake in tournaments of various sizes.

However, one of the most attractive features about this game is the graphics. Southern said that they have gone “borderline insane with real world details and subtleties.” From the carbon fiber to the paint flakes, it is all detailed and absolutely gorgeous.

I cannot wait to see this game in action, as it looks to be one of the most groundbreaking and beautiful racing games to ever be released. However, it is still unclear whether this will be a racing game or racing sim. Time will only tell!