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Porsche Macan Turbo Gets Crazy Performance Package

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Porsche’s compact SUV, the Macan, has been making waves ever since its debut. As if the turbo wasn’t enough, Porsche is now giving the powerhouse that is the Macan another performance lift by adding a performance package. With this package, the already competent SUV will see an increase of 40 horsepower from that of the Turbo and a 0-60 speed at .4 seconds faster, putting the specs at an impressive 440 horsepower and a 4.4 second sprint for the 3.6-liter V6 engine.


The engine isn’t the only component that sees an upgrade with the Performance Package though. According to a press release, Macans equipped with the Performance Package will have the following standard features:

  • A newly developed brake system
  • A lowered body
  • Controlled sport chassis
  • Sport Chrono Package
  • Sports exhaust system

The Sport Chrono Package gives the SUV an additional edge thanks to Sport Mode. When enabled, this mode, “ensures the chassis, engine and transmission are tuned to sporty effect.” And the low rumble from the exhaust that every car enthusiast loves to hear? It’s also a byproduct of the Sport Chrono Package.


The Macan with Performance Package includes a host of other customization options, which include the Turbo Exterior Package and the Turbo Interior Package. Each of these include options like 21-inch wheels and Alcantara elements. Pricing for the Macan with Performance Package starts at EUR 91,142.90 or $101,463.92 at the current exchange rate, and it is available for order now.

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