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Porsche Just Had Their Best First Quarter, Ever

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With an unprecedented 55,974 new vehicles officially delivered in the first quarter of 2016, Porsche has officially named this the best quarter in the company’ history. The sales surpass that of the 2015 numbers by ten percent and the maker’s new SUV, the Macan, accounts for nearly half of total sales. The company is calling the Macan it’s most popular model at this stage in the year. The Chinese market was largely responsible for Porche’s first-quarter success, with an increase of nearly a quarter in sales.

The company, though, is more focused on job security (and let’s face it, they treat their employees pretty well) and customer satisfaction, states a member of the Executive Board for Sales and Marketing, Detlev von Platen. According to a Porsche company press release, von Platen states, “We do not measure our success by record sales alone.”

Congrats to Porsche!

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