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Porsche Driving Experience Winter 2017: The Best German Ice Dancing

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Our first cool front of the season was celebrated this weekend. While the cooler air did not reach us, the humidity did retreat for a few hours. A change in the seasons is also an impetus for swapping on your snow tires. Driving on solid precipitation levels the playing field because no matter how advanced your AWD system is, ice driving demands the dexterity of a surgeon. Knowing the abilities of your car will validate your purchase, and keep you out of danger when Old Man Winter arrives.

Levi is one of Finland’s most exclusive resorts, with more amenities above the Arctic Circle than almost anywhere else. Lapish luxuries await the guests, with a spa along with multiple shops and restaurants. Sledding and snow machine tours are aimed at the family, while the driving courses are spread out over the frozen tundra. All cars respond well to cooler air, but turbo cars become very spirited when provoked. Several camps have been arranged by the instructors, with participants working from entry level doughnuts to a race-ready track. While the star of the show will be a 918 Spyder, expect to see Carrera 4 and Turbo models doing what they do best: Grip. Our dealers have more information about the itinerary and pricing, so check out these listings for the Carrera 4S below:

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