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Porsche Offering New Vehicle Delivery in LA

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Going to a dealership and picking up a new sports car is quite an experience. Having recently picked up my new car, I can say that hopping in and driving your new car away is almost surreal. But what if instead of driving the car home after you purchase it, you drive next door for laps around a race track? Well, that’s exactly what’s now available to Porsche customers in Los Angeles.

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Porsche has announced that they are offering customers the ability to have their new cars delivered to the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles. It’s here that the customers can take a new Porsche sports car to the track for a 90-minute session. They note that you won’t be driving your exact car, but a model that matches your delivery car. After the orientation and hot laps, it’s off to lunch for two at Restaurant 917, Porsche’s own fine-dining experience.

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“In a digital world, our brand embassies in Atlanta and L.A. are real, physical places where people can drive and feel the brand,” said Klaus Zellmer, President and CEO of PCNA. “Introducing the New Vehicle Delivery program in L.A. is another touch point to personalize the ownership experience. There can be no better place than California, which has always had a special relationship with Porsche and where customers buy about one-quarter of all Porsche sports cars sold in the United States.”