Polish Pro Drifter Bartosz Ostalowska Drifts With His Feet

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Drifting is a difficult thing to learn. Drifting in the rain takes insane practice. And drifting in the rain without any arms takes nothing short of impossible talent.

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28-year old Bartosz Ostalowska had to learn how to steer with his left foot after an accident left him without arms. For a while, it seemed as if the Polish professional drifter’s dreams of driving or painting professionally had gone up in smoke. In an interview with Polish news site, he explained how he wasn’t willing to give up without a fight, and bit by bit, he learned how to drive a regular car using only his feet.

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After some time, he began remastering some of his old tricks, and was eventually able to find himself sitting behind the wheel of a specially modified race car. Most recently, he’s been drifting through corners with a Nissan Skyline R34 fitted with an automatic gearbox and a GM LS V8 engine.

Check out the video above, uploaded to YouTube Jan. 16 by, to see Bartosz in action, and be sure to like him on Facebook or check out his website to learn more.

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