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Pirelli Unveils Classic Sizes For Ferrari & Porsche

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High-performance tires in classic sizes can be hard to find unless you happen to own a Ferrari 250 GTO. In a press release on Friday, they announced a new run of classic sizes. We first saw them earlier this month where they were the sponsor of the Porsche Werks Reunion.

To showcase the new Collezione in Europe, they are partnering with Ferrari, the new Stelvio Corsa tire will be seen on a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO at the Paddock Club in Monza. Also on display will be the Cinturato for Maserati and the P7 tires for Porsche. Riding on 15″ tires with tall sidewalls might be counter-intuitive to today’s cars, but they will never lie to you. These classic sizes are easy to control because they scream bloody murder to let you know just how close to the edge you are.

Popular sizes like 227/70/15, 215/70/15, and even a few 14″ sizes will be available soon, so tell us your thoughts on big tires on small wheels in the comments below.