Peter Nappi Footwear: Italian Style in Music City

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Phillip Nappi never knew much about his grandfather, Peter Nappi, other than the fact that he emigrated from southern Italy to the United States in 1904. The two never had the chance to meet each other, as Peter passed away in the 1950s. However, even though these two never met, Peter’s passion for shoemaking was flowing through Phillip’s veins years after his death.


It began for Phillip when he found himself intrigued by the Italian craftsmanship he saw in shoemaking. He decided to build upon his intrigue by moving his family to Florence, Italy and to study the art of shoemaking. While he was applying for dual citizenship in Italy, he was researching his heritage. Eventually, he uncovered a manifest from the ship that his grandfather journeyed from Italy to New York on in 1904. Next to his name, like all passengers, informationm such as occupancy and income, was listed. To Phillip’s surprise, his grandfather listed “shoemaking” as his profession.

Once he learned that the art was already in his blood, Phillip decided to act upon his, and his grandfather’s, passion. He and his family moved back to Nashville,  Tennessee, where they lived before making the move to Italy. In 2011, Phillip founded his own shoemaking brand, “Peter Nappi,” paying homage to his grandfather.

Designed in Nashville and handmade in Tuscany, Peter Nappi’s premium leather footwear and goods blend Italian heritage with American personality. Peter Nappi creates their footwear to be both “loved and lived in, wearing beautifully with time and age as they take on the signs of a life well travelled,” as stated on their website,

Peter Nappi footwear is for those who love living life to its fullest, where ever it takes them, just like the Nappi family.

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