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Pagani Huayra BC Rips Through Nurburgring, Record in Sight

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Update 9/23/2016 9:50 AM: New video has been added below.

If setting Nurburgring record times made you a hipster, Pagani would be the hippest of them all. You see, back in 2002 the Pagani Zonda C12 S became the first road car to set a record on the Nurburgring track. Now, years later, hundreds of cars have set and broken new records, but Pagani wanted to bring up that tidbit of info on their Instagram for a mysterious reason. Could it have anything to do with the Huayra BC that was spotted on in Green Hell? You bet.

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A YouTuber recently caught a Huayra BC taking a corner rather hard and the general consensus is that Pagani is looking to set another record. Why? Well, between the Huayra BC testing on the track after-hours and Pagani’s Instagram post regarding the record-setting C12 S it’s hard to not think they’re up to something.

Who knows, maybe in the coming days we’ll have a new record for the fastest road car on Nurburgring. Only time will tell!